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Employee Contracts

Below are the Employee Contracts (JUD and DCJ) and SEBAC Agreement. All three passed Local 749 on July 17. The SEBAC agreement passed all unions statewide, and the General Assembly on July 31. Signed contracts will replace agreements as the documents become available.

Judical Contract 2016-21
(signed version)

Criminal Justice Contract 2016-21
(signed verion)

SEBAC 2017

These are the current contracts for both Judicial Employees and Criminal Justice Employees.  Both had been extended to June 30, 2016, and have subsequently expired. Click the links below download the full text in PDF format. Seniority Lists are available in the Local's Document Archive.

Judicial Branch Contract: 2009-12

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)
for SEBAC Edits to Contract

Pay Scales (JUD) Supplement: 2012-13 fiscal year

Pay Scales (JUD) Supplement: 2013-14 fiscal year

Pay Scales (JUD) Supplement: 2014-15 fiscal year

Pay Scales (JUD) Supplement: 2015-16 fiscal year

Division of Criminal Justice: Contract 2011-16

Entire 2011 SEBAC Agreement

State Employee Retirement Plan Information
(external link to State Comptroller's site)

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