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Division of Criminal Justice

The Criminal Justice Bargaining Unit comprises about 8% of Local 749. At its inception, the Connecticut Judicial Employees Union (AFSCME Local 749) represnted all "non-professional" employees of the Judicial Branch, including those who worke in State Prosecutors' Offices, until the Division of Criminal Justice became part of the Executive Branch in 1985. Today, Local 749 represents about 120 Executive Branch Employees in Division of Criminal Justice.

Because DCJ employees are not part of the Judicial Branch, they work under an independant contract, and bargain and handle grievances directly with the Office of the Chief State's Attorney. Any steward local to a member can still handle DCJ matters, but specific issues may also be referred directly to the Chief Steward for DCJ.

Current Contract: Criminal Justice Employees

Criminal Justice Employees Contract (2016-21)

Past Contracts, Seniority Lists, and other documents are available on the Archive page.

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