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From the Desk of the Executive Director

State Employees Health Care:

If there continues to be doubt on how good the State of CT insurance is, you no doubt may have seen last weeks front page article of Chris Shays stating that in retirement he is using the state health care because it is better than the retiree Federal health care congress can get.

In total, 600 subscribers did not choose HEP. Many of them are now 'opting in' because they meet the criteria to comply anyway.

Regarding HEP, 365 people have not complied out of 48 thousand union and management. They will be given yet another chance to comply.

The costs for state employee health care next year will go up 0%.

We can do this because the state ended the year with a 21 million surplus for active members and 10 million surplus for retiree members.

Despite the fact that HEP drove thousands of members to get annual physicals and screenings, the anticipated costs went down because emergency room visits were less.

Sal Luciano,
Executive Director
AFSCME Council 4

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