AFSCME Local 749

Executive Board

The officers of this local shall be a president, a vice-president, a secretary-treasurer, a recording secretary, and seven regional vice-presidents..., and these eleven shall constitute the local union executive board.

- Local 749 Constitution, Article VI, Section 1

President Charles DellaRocco 203-600-5581
Vice-President Ron Nelson 203-579-6548
Secretary-Treasurer Efrem Golden 203-668-6801
Recording Secretary Kristy Porter
Regional Vice-President,
Northwest Region
Charles Marino 203-232-1277
Regional Vice-President,
North Central Region
Dana Beecham-Brown 860-478-9386
Regional Vice-President,
Northeast Region
Tracey Doulens 860-874-2238
Regional Vice-President,
Central Region
vacant Election TBA
Regional Vice-President,
Southwest Region
Alex Santiago 203-228-8645
Regional Vice-President,
South Central Region
Betsy Bryan 203-535-5329
Regional Vice-President,
Southeast Region
Maria Lindia 860-889-5284


Trustees serve to oversee and audit the financial records of the Union. They have no vote on the Executive Board.

Trustee vacant - Election TBA Term expires January 2018
Trustee Joe Reilly Term expires January 2019
Trustee vacant - Election TBA Term expires January 2020
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