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Executive Board

Union Officers

Local 749 has a number of officers, both Constitutional, and appointed. The eleven consitutionally defined officers form the Executive Board

Executive Board

The officers of this local shall be a president, a vice-president, a secretary-treasurer, a recording secretary, and seven regional vice-presidents..., and these eleven shall constitute the local union executive board.

- Local 749 Constitution, Article VI, Section 1

The Executive Board serves 3 year terms, begining in October for the 4 statewide offices, and November for the 7 Regional officers. The current terms expire inthe Fall of 2018.

Charles DellaRocco

October 2015 - present

Term ends: October 2018


Chuck DellaRocco was elected in the October 2015 election, and is now serving his second term as Local President. Chuck previously served as Regional Vice-President for the North Central Region. As President, he is an automatic delegate to the State and International conventions. Chuck is a Police Officer assigned to the Supreme Court Police Department in Hartford.

Ron Nelson

March 2017 - present

Term ends: October 2018


Ron Nelson was elected in March 2017 in Special Session to fill a vacancy, and is serving second first term as Local Vice-President. Ron previously served as Regional Vice-President for the Southwest Region. As Vice-President, he will be an automatic delegate to the 2018 State and International conventions. Ron is a Juvenile Detention Officer at the Bridgeport facility.

Efrem Golden

October 2012 - present

Term ends: October 2018


Kristy Porter

Recording Secretary
October 2012 - present

Term ends: October 2018

Charles Marino

Regional Vice-President, Northwest Region
November 2012 - present

Term ends: November 2018


Dana Beecham-Brown

Regional Vice-President, North Central Region
November 2012 - present

Term ends: November 2018


Dana was elected Regional Vice-President for the North Central (Hartford) region in November 2012, and re-elected November 2015. She began her union service as a steward in 2011 during the SEBAC negotiations. She was also elected Delegate to the 2016 Council 4 and International Conventions. At the Council 4 Annual Conference, on March 31, 2017, Dana learned our union members had nominated her for, and she won, the Recognition Award for Outstanding Dedication and Representation. Dana is a Court Operations Assistant at Hartford Superior Court.

Tracey Doulens

Regional Vice-President, Northeast Region
November 2015 - present

Term ends: November 2018


Regional Vice-President, Central Region

Term ends: November 2018

Alex Santiago

Regional Vice-President, Southwest Region
May 2017 - present

Term ends: November 2018


Betsy Bryan

Regional Vice-President, South Central Region
October 2016 - present

Term ends: November 2018


Maria Lindia

Regional Vice-President Southeast Region
November 2009 - present

Term ends: November 2018



The three Trustees serve to oversee and audit the financial records of the Union. They have no vote on the Executive Board. They are elected for 3 year terms, one each January.

Trustee Joe Reilly

January 2013 - present
Term ends: January 2019

Trustee Kim Dennis

March 2018 - present
Term ends: January 2020

Trustee Janet Green

March 2018 - present
Term ends: January 2021

Other Officers

Other officers are elected or appointed based on their position. Each officer, and their term, is governed by the position they hold, or serve at the pleasure of the President.

Council 4 Vice-President Dana Beechan-Brown

2018 - present
Term ends: 2020
Dana also serves as Regional Vice President in the North Central Region

Chief Steward Ron Nelson

Appointed by the President 203-579-6548
Ron also serves as Vice President of the Local

Chief Steward (DCJ) Tony Duarte

Appointed by the President 860-985-0106
Tony has served as the Chief Steward for the Division of Criminal Justice a number of times since the late 1990s. He is a past President and Vice-President of Local 749. Tony works as an Investigator in the GA #12 State's Attorney's Office in Manchester.

Ian Shackleton, Executive Counsel

Appointed by the President Ian serves in an advisory capacity to the President and the Executive Board. Ian has previously served as Chief Steward, Regional Vice-President, Recording Secretary, acting Vice-President, a 3-time delegate to the Internation Convention, and is the current webmaster. Ian is a Criminal Justice Secretary II at the Office of the State's Attorney in Milford.
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