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SEBAC 2017 Information

We have been telling you that no matter how you feel about the SEBAC agreement, the attack on Collective Bargaining is real and is on right now. Below you will find a list of Legislators who need to be contacted by people who live in their area, because they are key votes on bills and limitations being proposed now that affect their rights as employees, and their retirement would be cut. This doesn't only impact us State Employees but it also impacts the municipal employees as well. If you live in their areas please contact them. As for the rest of us, contact your own Reps and Senators and say the same thing. We need to stick together on this. The fight is on!
Legislative Script
List of Legislators

2017 SEBAC Documents
(none of these proposals have yet been voted on or ratified)

SEBAC Agreement Framework
2017 SEBAC Summary for non Hazardous Duty
2017 SEBAC Summary for Hazardous Duty
Medicare Advantage Question and Answer

Breakdown of State Employee Unions voting to open negotiations

2017 SEBAC related news

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